Bicycle or Bike = Green traffic

More bicycles than cars every day in Copenhagen, green energy and intelligence to face more and more air pollution and more.
In the Danish capital, motorways are built for cyclists who connect the city to 23 municipalities in the metropolitan area called Supercykelstier.

Thanks to a sustainable policy, in a few years cyclists count more than drivers.
The numbers: 265,200 against 252,600.
Pedal circulation in the last twenty years has increased by 68%

In the last twelve years, the Municipality of Copenhagen has invested about 120 million euros for the mobility on two wheels, with increasingly capacious tracks, cycle-pedestrian bridges, long-distance motorways.

There is a real strategy, based on a multimodal platform of public information, which takes into account all means of transport (cars, trains, buses, metro, bicycles).
The telematic infrastructure manages to manage public transport in harmony, integrated parking with passenger information, traffic monitoring and environmental pollution.

More and more people realize that with the bike not only helps the environment but also the mind.


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